The Cloud Owner’s Manual: Car Safety and Its Relationship to Security

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The cloud is undoubtedly this decade’s newest “sports car,” and every CIO is kicking the tires. The prospect of cost reduction, flexibility and reduced complexity compared to in-house are driving organizations to vendor “showrooms” in droves. However, serious security and reliability concerns keep many CIOs from firing up the ignition. Although the cloud feels new and risky to some, I’d contend that what these CIOs really need is the equivalent to today’s car safety belts and airbags. Once they have these safety features in place, they’ll be confident enough to start driving their business forward…faster.

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Forrester Security and Infrastructure Forum in Las Vegas. As a former Forrester analyst, it was a pleasure to take the stage again and speak to former colleagues, as well as a number of current Perimeter customers. In gearing up for this event, I spent some time crunching 35+ years of highway safety information to identify parallels between car safety and information security for my presentation titled “The Owner’s Manual for the Cloud.”

This short video clip examines how security can be a critical enabler of innovation and growth, using some interesting U.S. federal data to make the case. In the following days, I’ll be posting additional clips from my Forrester Forum presentation, so stay tuned and feel free to post questions and comments along the way.

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Andrew Jaquith

Andrew Jaquith is the Chief Technology Officer of Perimeter E-Security. Before Perimeter, he was a senior analyst with Forrester Research and Yankee Group.

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